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Neem Care Insecticide

Neem Care Insecticide

We are a noteworthy name, involved in offering Neem Care Insecticide from Maharashtra, India. It is a pure Neem Kernel Oil and prepared by cold pressed technology to retain pesticide all properties of Active ingredients derived from supreme quality Neem kernel. Our Insecticides confirm to specifications of Bureau of Indian standards (Is 4765-1975) Neem Care and have wide applications in agriculture. Buyers can acquire it in any quantity, from us.

More about Neem Care Insecticide : Fertilizer giants use neem oil for urea coating as to reduce N loss. Neem Care Insecticide is best applied in trailer spray, drenching and drip irrigation to control various agriculture insects pests, soil born pests, larva of pest & nematodes, protective Emollients / skin care Antihypertensive glycemic, Antiseptic / wound dressing, Anti Diabetes, contraceptives, veterinary care. Neem Care can also be incorporated with other synthetic chemical pesticides for the use of foliar application.


Physico Chemical Properties : Clear Yellowish Brown Viscous Liquid It contains the active ingredient Azadirachtin upto 1500 ppm and various other ingredients like salanin, nimbin etc. For this reason, it can also be used in agriculture as a pesticidal product to control various pests.

Toxicology : Practically non-toxic Rats, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, No significant effect on Birds, Non-toxic to Aquatic organisms, Relatively harmless to non-target and beneficial organisms.

Packaging : Neem Care oil is available in 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litres & 20 Litres. We can also provide Ozoneem Oil in Bulk Packaging for repacking 200 L Barrels, Neem Care.


Colour Clear Yellowish Light Brown
Odor Garlic Repulsive
Refractive index at 40oC 1.4617 – 1.4627
Density at 25oC 0.9100 – 0.9500 gm/cc
Titre oC 35 – 40
Iodine Value 68.0 to 76.0
Saponification value 190 – 204
Unsaponified matter 0.8 – 2.4
Azadirachtin content(HPLC) 700 – 1000 PPM

Fatty Acids

Myristic 0.2 – 0.3%
Palmistry 13.6 – 20.0%
Stearic 14.4 – 24.1%
Oleic 46.1 – 61.9%
Linoleic 2.3 – 15.8%
Arachidic 0.8 – 3.4%

  • Neem Care Insecticides (300 PPM)

  • Neem Care Insecticides (1500 PPM)